Thursday, August 25, 2011

Name Dropping

So since Etsy changed their default searches to be based more on relevancy it officially became the end of an era and death to the art and poetry of title writing for listings and potentially disappearing into an ocean of "1950s dresses" in the searches.  So I decided the best way battle shop anonymity and title writing ennui was to throw a few designer names out there in the updates, because in my opinion Diane Von Furstenberg makes a dress pretty relevant. 

Here are a few designer favorites currently in the shop. For additional designer names click here.

1970s DVF wrap dress

1950s Givenchy sweater

1970s Malcolm Starr

1960s Mary Quant skirt

1980s "punk label" Betsey Johnson Dress

Monday, August 22, 2011

An American Girl Wannabe

I really want her shoes, actually I'll take the whole look thank you...sigh.

Imgaes courtesy of  RUTH ORKIN Photo Archives

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HORNY: A Children's Story


Buying vintage always creates an opportunity to find unusual and one of a kind pieces.  Also weird and offbeat things as well.  Was going through my office the other day and came across this book:

The main character's name is "Queen Horny", just thought that needed to be added in too.  Not exactly "Jane kisses Dick" from those bastards of grammer Dick and Jane, but it's a keeper.   I think I do not need to elaborate I have the emotional maturity of a 12 yr. old boy, but for further amusement I have listed below a few more titles of vintage children's book that speaks to the 6th grader in all of us, let the snickering begin:


Seems something really queer was going on with marine life during the 1950s and 1960s;)  But sometime during the 1990s Opo lost his gayness, now the book is just titled, "Opo the Dolphin"....poor Opo.



And lastly, not exactly vintage but needed to be included because this was the mother of all double entendres when I was in 6th grade:


Monday, August 1, 2011

Heady Hedy



During her time Hedy Lamarr was considered one of the most beautiful women on film, but there are few people who seem to be aware she was probably also one of the smartest on film as well.   Hedy Lamarr was actress and inventor, she was responsible along with a friend for inventing the technology that without would render our cell phones and wireless connections useless. 

The technology referred to as "Frequency Hopping" was originally intended to jam enemy signals to make radio controlled torpedos harder to detect.  She gives being a bombshell a whole new definition I'd say.

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