Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meditative Vintage

Yes I did get the memo about color and pattern being hot for Spring/Summer but really I wanted to put the shop into a meditative state first.... breathe it in deeply....relaxing isn't it?  Besides for a gal that wears a lot of black, creams and taupe are pretty bold colors for me...I mean to actually reflect light this summer instead of absorb it?  It's kind of a nutty concept to me.

Everything here and then some can be found here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Duck Hunting

I am big fan of graphic design, combine it with vintage clothing and you have what is at the top of my vintage buying list.  I am completely in awe and in love w/ the above 1970s outfit by designer Michaele Vollbrach. I must have been in a coma last week when it was a available for auction.  I guess it was for the best I missed it because both pieces sold for quite the pretty penny, but still a deal in my opinion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libidos,Buyagra and Swingsets

I am suppose to be shopping today for the shop, but really I've lost my urge too....I've lost my shopping libido.  I've been like this for over a month now, I'm thinking all the driving I do in order to find things is what is getting to me, maybe if someone else did the driving I would be better.  My husband says I need some "Buy-agra"....I think he thinks himself rather witty now for coming up with that one.

And speaking of libidos, check out what my husband found at the thrift shop across the street from our place:

Those swinger (or mate-bartering) books are a riot, you think my husband is trying to tell me something?  What is amusing for me is that my husband is a very quiet man, kind of conservative, talking about sex in public makes him blush(complete opposite of me).  So when he came back with these I thought he had suffered a brain aneurysm mid thrift, especially considering the woman he had to pay is a close family friend and would be aware of his deviant shopping habits and armed with this knowledge our squeaky clean reputation in town would be on the fast track down the crapper. He assured me though at 82 years old our friend would not pay any attention or even would know what he purchased....but unbeknownst to him he failed to anticipate I would blog about it.  I guess I should add so he doesn't divorce me that all the books are for sale, that had been the motive of his purchase all along though it was fun to think for moment that just maybe my husband had kinky side.
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