Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memento Amore

This is what my husband gifted me for Valentine's Day. Or rather I picked out and he payed for, haha. Nothing says I love you more than 14 K and a dead person's hair. I think it's rather romantic, for someone to love someone so much to take a piece of them and memorialize them in such a way to make it possible to always have them with them. 

The hubs is very aware that he will be expected to do this with me in the event of my death, but just between you and I think he'll be kicking the bucket first and my dreams of becoming jewelry when I die will never be realized, sigh.  I guess we're just going to have to wait and see, hopefully for a REALLY long time.   Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

NOTE: A memento mori is not a mourning ring, BUT a mourning ring could be considered a memento mori.  The difference being memento mori's were not made to mourn any specific person, but as a reminder that you will die.  Mourning rings were made to commemorate a person who has died and as a subsequent result becomes a reminder of ones mortality.
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