Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks Anna!!

The last time someone interviewed me and asked me,  "Why buy vintage?" I replied, "it gets you laid". Needless to say the interview did not get published despite it being true, "Vintage DOES get you laid". Maybe they were a conservative fashion group? Anyway regardless I  know better and I should have been channeling Chanel instead of Andrew Dice Clay, though I do have a sneaking suspicion that Chanel would have answered the question the exact same way.

So when Anna from Revolving Styles had deemed me interesting enough to feature me on her stellar blog, I jumped at the opportunity to redeem my interviewing credibility.  So if you are interested in reading a little more about me take a look at it. Read it HERE!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dining Room Or Just Another Closet

I love seeing behind the scenes of fellow Etsy seller's workspaces, it's like the rough draft of the actual store, a before and after if you will. I can look at those types of photos all day, especially when there is vintage in them.

 So the other day I was inspired to share a photo of my dining room(or lack there of) after Lauren of Dear Golden  posted this photo of hers a few days ago on Twitter. Note how there is a dining room table visible in her photo, actually note how a table is actually IN the space, before looking at mine.  I am in compete awe of people who actually have dining rooms they can dine in.

The room in the photo is my stock room aka the vault aka vintage abyss aka the visual representation of a mental disorder.  OR what is was suppose to be the dining room.  There is still some deluded hope though that it may still one day be the dining room.  Of course the reality is vintage multiplies like rabbits. 

The room is very long and narrow (and FULL) so it's pretty much impossible to get a full shot of the room. Enjoy and mental health referrals are greatly appreciated.

wall to ceiling rack are very necessary

The wall of purses

Vintage Labrynth

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Berkeley is Cool

No clue what Berkeley or Mickey Mouse have in common.  Even more so a menacing Mickey wearing an MC carrying a baseball bat with a spike in it.  But what is clear Mickey has got Berkeley's back so don't mess with Mickey or Berkeley.  I don't eally wear t-shirts but this speaks to my off beat sensibilities enough to make me want to keep it, well just for a little while at least;)

Monday, August 23, 2010


When making a bouquet for friend's studio's grand opening it would probably be best to leave out the phallic objects, or in this case eggplant. What can I say, you live you learn.

Here are some other shots from over the weekend:

Phallicness abounds at 1st Friday.

And of course Annabel trying on the vintage, I remember when the cowboy boots were waist high on the child and she still would insist on putting them on.  I am not kidding when I say "shoes" was one of her first words, to be more specific it was her second. Proves how much of an impact enviroment can have on a child, my imagination goes wild thinking about what she may grow up to be like, being raised in a vintage shop.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Night with the Stars Party

Last night was the Perseids meteor shower, happens every August.   I like to think of it as a great excuse to gather up your friends and have a party, or the perfect setting to get someone you like to lay down on the ground next to you in the dark.  With stars shooting across the heavens above and a little alcohol who knows what will be instigated;)   I mean that is how the ice was FINALLY broken with then future husband, it layed the groundwork for our first kiss and subsequent 12 hour make-out session the next day:)   So yeah, meteor showers are worth celebrating.

Since you really shouldn't head out to neck...COUGH....I mean watch the Perseids until at least midnight, you can get warmed up by watching some stars at home on TCM, with their Summer Under the Stars  yearly event which also is every August, how perfectly aligned for a Night with the Stars themed Party.  Every day of August they will  showcase a different star and play their movies all day long, I've got a few days already marked off for recording (Hello, Olivia De Havilland!). 

Of course you would have to get dressed up so I think the only right choices would be 1930s Starlet or Grecian-Roman Goddess, considering all the mythology that you'll be staring into by the end of the evening.  Here are some of my favorite choices:

Goddess Dress via jackiedretroboutique

Starlet Dress via Saffron Vintage

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fire Hazard

This was the scene at my store on Monday. We had to call the fire department in because of a white odorless smoke spewing out of the building.  Actually it looked like it was coming out of the corner of my window know it did go through my head as I installed all those pencils and books into the display (just two days earlier) how it would make great kindling. 

So the FD came, closed off the entire block and street, creating a scene in general.  Three fire trucks too, I do think they were overreacting just a bit;) 

 Everyone had to evacuate the building. Thankfully for once I was appropriately dressed for the situation, not in my usual men's briefs and a tank top sans bra, which is my "it's too hot for clothes but since there are children in the house I can't go naked" uniform, unfortunately the twins had been napping and were only wearing nappies so they had to go out into public with diaper butts. Better them than me, right?

The firemen poured into my building like a flood, set up ladders and proceeded with an axe to hack into the space above my my windows, pulled down part of the fake ceiling  inside my displays, YES they were inside my display windows, son of bitch!  To ultimately conclude that the white smoke was freon leaking from the AC because the AC is overheating. 

Ultimately I'm fine with all the trouble, because better safe than sorry.  The AC was on the verge of being a fire hazard, I'm glad we caught it before it caused a real fire.  So the store is temporarily closed as we repair the damage and seek out  a replacement AC unit, which is proving practically impossible in August as all the stores in the area have transitioned them out with electric fireplaces in preparation for fall.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

Pencil Skirt

Blackboard Dress

Here is the latest window installations for the store, took awhile to change them out due to the great reception my Earth Day windows received.  But I figured it's right before the start of a new season so the windows deserved a change.

Thankfully I managed to derive some last minute inspiration from the school supplies being currently pimped out everywhere and even better as a result they are currently super cheap, otherwise the Earth Day windows may have had to stay put another month.  I've never been good at the whole conceptual thing, so the windows are quite literal in their representation of "Back to School"  with the use of pencils, blackboard paint and books(TONS OF BOOKS!)

Let me just say, folding books could definitely be implemented as a form punishment in our prison systems.  I would definitely not want to do it again, on this level anyway and have learned that threat of folding books is a very effective tool at getting your snotty teenager to behave.  And before you jump all over me for "destroying" books, well....they're not destroyed, just folded....and SECONDLY they are crappy romance novels so who gives a flying turd anyway:)

And the blackboard dress in case you are wondering also is vintage and yes I did paint it in blackboard paint.  No need to get upset, the dress was beyond damaged and now it is useful again and actually wearable, great for parties! Let your friends write on you and then erase it afterwards, you can play Pictionary wherever you go!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Banding Together

I've decided I might want to have a collection of wedding bands, but without the collecting of husbands involved in order to acquire them.  Though I have to confess I do already have a mini collection already established of my own, markers of my personal matrimonial pursuits(ah capricious love),  but proud to report Elizabeth Taylor I am not .

I want old bands from strange men I have never met and never will meet,  preferably ones inscribed with secret messages of endearments on the inside of the bands, to stack just as so in the picture above.  The collection itself a perfect marriage.
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