Monday, January 31, 2011

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

This past weekend we rebelled against the natural order of things and went to the beach. Sure it was 30 degrees and the sand cracked like ice under my feet, but tyranny like Mother Nature's need to be stood up to. I will not submit to this winter any longer, I am summoning Spring.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bears and the Bees

A hive of bees and a sleuth of bears hungry for honey...doesn't look as if it's going to end very well for the bears. The 1970s came out with some great graphic sweaters and I've had the good fortune of finding quite a bit of them lately.  This particular one coming to the shop soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty.

The above quote is what came to mind when I thought about writing this entry.  But for the sake of keeping the content fresh here, I present my 2011 resolutions/goals(12 days in):

  1. Stop selling my clue how I am going to do this, I might have to win the lottery.
  2. Actually keep track of my deductible mileage(along w/ other business expenses)
  3. Get the twins potty trained...we are so far behind on this.
  4. Give a face.
  5. Get my European passport, I'm eligible because I have relations in Greece. So why not right?
  6. Take a vacation this year, a week at the beach an hour away would work.
  7. Finish the house! But I will settle for a kitchen that has a refrigerator on the same floor.
  8. Go to the longest yard sale in the world. As well as a few other rather large out of state flea markets.
  9. Take the house back from the vintage....almost every single room has a work station that includes a pile a vintage....people don't live here, vintage does.
  10. Be a good person.  Seems trite but it's actually something I am conscious of daily. I want to be a positive person and only emit positive ideas and energy as much as I can. Which is rather hard because I do have a rather cynical outlook on society accompanied by a biting anger that hits me in the gut from time to time, but I am working hard not to succumb to it,  afterall my children are watching and learning from me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm humming it right now

New Year's means more than just resolutions and Twilight Zone marathons at my house. It also means that the lottery opens up for Antique Roadshow Tickets!!!

Every year it's marked on my calendar and every New Year's Eve while Dick Clark is on and for the next week I'm humming that familiar Roadshow theme song.....heck I'm doing it right now as I type.   The hubs and I went two years ago when they came to Atlantic City, stood in line for hours waiting to have our things appraised but really you go just to take in and oggle at everyone elses stuff and of course try and get lucky with a Keno brother.....I think it's the novelty of them being antique appraising twins is what does it for me really.

 Tickets are free, but  given out randomly. The closest city to us this year is Pittsburgh so we are shooting for that one.

In other news,  after just over two years and two Mike's Hard Lemonades later I am proud to declare The Church of Vintage on Etsy FINALLY has a banner....well sort of, the name is missing from it (knew I should have had third bottle of Mike's), but it is better than nothing. Sort of gives the feel of looking through a window or maybe more like the slats of a mini blind, still sort of pretty. If anyone asks though I meant it to look that way;)
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