Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fact (recently past tense)

I have freaky long hair(excuse the bedhead). Completely by accident of course, it's what happens when you get superman busy.  When hair gets this long it starts to influence the way you think, like an inexplicable desire to ride a white horse bareback naked through the streets or trying to track down a pre-raphaelite painter to pose for without conducting a seance to invoke the spirit of John Waterhouse.

But unfortunately my world is not full of white horses (pretty pack full of asses though:)  And there are times the hair makes me want to don really long skirts, wear very sensible shoes and have lots of babies with my husband who I share with three other wives. Not to mention there is also the reoccuring fear of being strangled to death in my sleep by it.

And with all this being said, the conclusion...I had it cut, finally.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Different Kind of Wanderlust

If you love old or are in the kind of business I am in of course you tend to fantasize on more than one occasion the ability to be able to time travel, to be able to go back and see what it was REALLY like to live way back when, a when where the romanticized idea of a seemingly simpler time is rather alluring, a time where if only I could take my modern earned dollar and use it to shop then,  oh the buying power!  And the glorious things I would buy and in mint condition.

If you haven't seen the PBS program The 1940s House I suggest you do so.  I saw it a very long time ago and rediscovered it recently when I signed up for Netflix.  The 1940s House is actually part of a series originally aired on PBS that was part of a collection of other historically based reality programs.  I'm completely mesmerized whenever I watch and completely envious of the families that get to participate.  Another favorite is The 1900 House  followed by several other sequels from different times in history being represented and almost all available on Netflix.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If Only We Could Hit Refresh

Days like this remind me how quickly the seasons pass, just a few short weeks ago my house was filled with beautiful budding branches.  Outside scenery was like a fairy land with fresh newly born flora and fauna everywhere, the air was crisp and the days filled with a delicate light from what seemed like a new sun.  Now we've settled in and the air has gotten heavy with heat and landscapes now have a maturity to them.  Summer is making it's usual speedy headway, so before it officially starts and seeing how this past weekend was the unofficial is going for and enjoying the ride and not being the victim of a drive-by summer.
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