Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Delights

A few photos from the weekend, took the babes to the beach and actually managed to go yard saling for the first time this season. One sale in particlar was truelly unique in the fact that it had old stuff and the people were actually looking to just get rid of it and not biasely pricing things based on so called antiquity.  If you think its valuable don't sell it at a yard sale! 

Anyway everything in the photos cost a whopping $19! The horse toy, that was free, found on the side of the road during our adventure.  Everything is for keeps except for the dress which will eventually make it's way into the store.

Muggy & overcast at the beach

The babies stuff

                                                               1950s Dress & antique ironing board

                                             Every housewife needs a antique commercial grade cleaver;P

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  1. It's amazing what you can find at yard sales around here - south jersey is def a good yard sale destination!


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