Thursday, September 16, 2010

Start them Young

ABC, Costume & Textiles from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Petit-Connoisseur : Fashion

Straight from the twin's personal library, two books suggestions for those of you w/ budding fashionistas(or fashion misters) in your lives.  The first, ABC Costume and Textile book being my favorite, focusing more on "vintage" examples of clothing and I just love museum issued books.  Teaching children their ABC's in a fashion relevant manner, how can you go wrong. And even if I didn't have children I would probably still own this book.

The second, Petite-Connoisseur: Fashion by Karen Salmanson. Is a cute little board book w/ darling graphics which highlights things like Jimmy Chou shoes and basic fashion terminology. It is actually part of a series, the second being Petit Connoisseur: Art which we also have.

WARNING: Having been brought up in my shop and w/ these books my two year old daughter has a serious shoe addiction, so proceed w/ caution. Maybe balance fashion exposure w/ a couple of Suze Orman books, like The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke;)

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  1. omg! those are fantastic! More interesting then Dick and Jane, I have to say ;)


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