Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty.

The above quote is what came to mind when I thought about writing this entry.  But for the sake of keeping the content fresh here, I present my 2011 resolutions/goals(12 days in):

  1. Stop selling my vintage....no clue how I am going to do this, I might have to win the lottery.
  2. Actually keep track of my deductible mileage(along w/ other business expenses)
  3. Get the twins potty trained...we are so far behind on this.
  4. Give http://www.thechurchofvintage.com/ a face.
  5. Get my European passport, I'm eligible because I have relations in Greece. So why not right?
  6. Take a vacation this year, a week at the beach an hour away would work.
  7. Finish the house! But I will settle for a kitchen that has a refrigerator on the same floor.
  8. Go to the longest yard sale in the world. As well as a few other rather large out of state flea markets.
  9. Take the house back from the vintage....almost every single room has a work station that includes a pile a vintage....people don't live here, vintage does.
  10. Be a good person.  Seems trite but it's actually something I am conscious of daily. I want to be a positive person and only emit positive ideas and energy as much as I can. Which is rather hard because I do have a rather cynical outlook on society accompanied by a biting anger that hits me in the gut from time to time, but I am working hard not to succumb to it,  afterall my children are watching and learning from me.


  1. i love how #2 and #4 are diametrically opposed to #1.

    and if you go through with #1, can i come there and buy some stock or what!?

  2. I like to think of it as a represantation of reality and fantasy. Part of the idea of #1 is to be able to keep everything!

  3. hi
    I also wish you a happy new year

    je vous souhaite aussi une bonne année (in french)



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