Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meditative Vintage

Yes I did get the memo about color and pattern being hot for Spring/Summer but really I wanted to put the shop into a meditative state first.... breathe it in deeply....relaxing isn't it?  Besides for a gal that wears a lot of black, creams and taupe are pretty bold colors for me...I mean to actually reflect light this summer instead of absorb it?  It's kind of a nutty concept to me.

Everything here and then some can be found here.


  1. Yes, that first item--sweater? jacket? sweater jacket?--is calling to me, too! Such a pretty, serene mix here.

  2. when I look at white blouses I just love 'em, I just don't see to be able to war them successfully, but this summer I shall gallantly try! love that tie waist dress in the middle!


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