Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Going On?!?

It all started back in April.... after two years and with only one week left of unemployment benefits the husband found a job. Michael had lost his former job with his families business, a business in the community since the late 1920s. This all started happening around the same time we bought our home and moved in with our 9 month old twins and when I started my business.  As a result I threw myself into my business, pretty much neglecting and missing out on so much, the things that really matter and create true wealth, but "true wealth" doesn't pay the bills.  By the time Michael found work again I burned myself out and I crashed, I just stopped.....seriously stopped, I didn't even open the brick and mortar shop anymore because I just couldn't, my brain wouldn't let me.  All I wanted to do was be home with my babies and catch up. 

I did come to a point where I thought I might have regained more balance in my life and started to think more about work again and updating my Etsy but then my laptop died(SHIT!)  And went through periods of trying to get the piece of poo fixed followed by buying a new one which didn't work either then exchanging if for another one that will do though I want to take it back too, but I am so over the idea that I might actually get a good quality laptop based on my current budget.  But I still have a week left according to the return policies so who's to say I won't panic at the last minute and take it back even yet.  I figure with the store's return policies I can just have a new computer every two weeks for the rest of my life, no more worrying about fans breaking.... only bloatware, refusal to acknowledge any of my software/ printer and shoddy manufacturing.

The conclusion I've come to on my hiatus....I don't like selling vintage clothing, I really just love hunting for it and buying it.  I want someone else to run the selling aspect of my business, mainly the online sales portion of it which eats up the most of my time so I can just keep traveling/shopping and hanging out with my kids.  There has been talk of relocating home and business to Philadelphia to be closer to Michael's work, which makes more sense for my business compared to where it is currently located and may be more conducive to hiring someone to work sales for me.  The only thing that is certain at this time is that moving is inevitable, whether the brick and mortar shop will be able to be moved as well is a big fat haunting question mark.  It's hard to be motivated and inspired with that sort of uncertainty.

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  1. Ah, Polly! I feel for you! We don't have children, but Andy and I are always trying to find new ways to make things work. It's such a difficult business to be in, but I'm happy for you that you've at least been able to narrow down what you do and do not like about it. Sending you lots of good thoughts that things will get easier and you'll find a way to continue in vintage in a way that you truly enjoy, and that allows you to enjoy your family at the same time.

    Computer troubles are THE most frustrating!


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