Thursday, February 17, 2011

What She Wore: Annabel


Truth be told when I was told at least one of my twins would be a girl I was SO relieved.  When my sister told me she was expecting a little boy I groaned.  And it is totally for a superficial reason and the reason being in my opinion girls are more fun to dress and shop for.  Now my little man does have his share of  mini 1950s Cowichans and Davy Crockett style ensembles, but by far shopping for and dressing Miss Annabel has been the most satisfying, especially when it has come to baby vintage.  Case in point, how cute are those little boots? 

Unfortunately just two hours after these photos were taken  Annabel started to get really sick. Sick to the point where I thought the outfit would need to be burned if you get my drift, yes gross.  She creates a light anywhere she goes, her laughter and smile very infectious breaking even the most jaded person. So of course the opposite applies as well, when she isn't smiling no one else is either. Even her brother has been super nice to her and he normally enjoys making a sport of bullying her. So today as was yesterday is being spent with my sick little girl fused to me on the couch, poor baby:(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I see a red dress and well.....

Pretty pleased with last night's shop update. Yes it's black but I feel like I've been seeing nothing but red ever since Christmas and with Valentine's Day soon after it feels like the color monopolizes a good portion of the year.  So time to bury it and cleanse the visual palette and what is more appropriate to do that with than some black silk mourning style clothes.  

Plus with Spring fast approaching I personally feel I can only get away with an all black updates for so much longer. And I do loves me my all black updates. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Tamara Lempicka

I've been obsessing a bit over Tamara Lempicka lately, the first "glamorous artist". Though familiar with her work for years I really didn't know much of her life and wasn't prompted to until I read a quote by her regarding her "Self-Portrait".  It depicts her driving a green Bugatti, when in fact in real life she drived a yellow Renault.  When asked about this she responded, "What is important is I dressed like the car and the car dressed like me".   And with that answer I totally got her and a new appreciation and perspective was gained.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Having an Affair

With another stain stick. I was so sure the Tide 2 Go pen was the one, and I admit I was committed to the very end until one fateful day I went to the store and they were out of the Tide 2 Go pens.  And that is when I met:

And since then I haven't looked back.  Funny how relationships are. The Oxiout pen is by the people who make Oxiclean. I had some spots instantly and effortlessly disappear like the stains seem to do in the infomercial.  Results I had not gotten with Tide 2 Go. 

The Oxiout has a fabric applicator which makes for a delicate application unlike the Tide 2 Go's hard plastic tip. The fabric applicator however is also a minus, because after awhile it falls off or even sooner if you are little too aggressive w/ a stain.  The only other con to note is the Oxiclean pen is not as easy to find in stores as the Tide 2 Go.  Locate a retailer or order online from their website.  

Now I know I don't need to tell you how awesome these are for testing stains on items at thrift stores before committing to purchasing them so best to stock up!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy Sweater Seller

Basic sweater design just hasn't been doing it for me lately. Above represents my latest buying trend when it comes to sweaters. The more oversized, asymmetrical, deconstructed, abstract and sculptural the better. Nothing wrong with a classic cardigan, afterall it is a classic, and because of that fact makes it an easy concept to sell.  Great for making money but ultimately not very stimulating for me as a shop owner.  I like presenting things that for most shopkeepers are not obvious sells.

Most of the sweaters shown are already available in the shop in case you were wondering.
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