Sunday, November 15, 2009

Men Who Blow

swinging around 6lbs of molten glass

supposedly he's an expert blower;P


creating an opening

this is how a glass lampshade is born!

I spent most of Saturday doing work stuff and feeling completely uninspired to leave the house(or bed) which of course turned me into a complete tool.

Around 8pm got a call from my sister to meet her at a a coffeehouse where some girly band was playing so I think why not and start to mentally prepare myself to get moving.

8:45pm I get a call to see where I am and to now meet her at the pub across the street because the band thing was done, so FINE I get out of bed and look for clothes...great!... no clean panties or socks.....I was barely inspired as it is and THIS happens so slight derailment there, until I regrouped and raided the hubby's drawer for socks and perhaps even a pair of my panties, because for some deranged reason I like to think my hubby likes to steal my panties, but he's actually the biggest square(which I say with love) and probably why I like to think he does. Anyway scored some mismatched socks and am faced with going commando, so I plan my wardrobe accordingly.

9:45pm another call, she is still at the pub and I lie and say I'm heading out the door at that very moment, I hang up and get in the shower.

10:30pm I finally head out the door and arrive just in time to catch my sister as she was leaving the pub and from there we proceeded to head over to a friend's studio to watch them blow a glass lampshade.

I have to say I was mesmerized and anxious at the same time as he swung the wand or whatever you call it with 6 pounds of hotter than hell molten glass at the end of it, in my direction and only a very few feet away. I worried for the health of my eyes, because for a bit I kept anticipating the glass shattering and blinding me. In the end a lampshade was created and I bought a fantastic kaleidoscope that incorporates marbles(which were created there as well) and is interchangeable with other marbles to get different views, it was one of the coolest and most beautiful toys and I couldn't help but buy it without any inner deliberation. It was all very fascinating, not enough for me to pursue it as a hobby, but it is pretty intense to watch and you can feel the energy coming off the guys as they are working. Not a bad turn of events considering earlier I was determined to be crotchity and indifferent to the day.

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