Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye Manhattan

We travelled a long road together, but now upon a divide we must go our separate ways. 

So I stamped out my sentimental attachment to the Manhattan dress long enough to get it into the shop only to go to bed soon after and wake up the next morning to find it my sleepy wake a "GASP!"  followed by a "NOOOOoo!" emitted out of every orifice of my body!  No really, it felt like there was an echo in the room, if I hadn't known better it felt as if God had spoken at the exact same time and was feeling my pain.

 Somehow I thought it would stick around for awhile still or even better no one would want it, (YAY!) was what I needed to tell myself to get it listed.  It's actually a bit of reverse psychology I employ rather often when I work. On a positive note it did sell to a great fellow seller on Etsy with impeccable taste and appreciation and the dress is actually gong back to the exact city from where I found it.


  1. my friend megan bought that dress and i can tell you it has gone to the *very* best home possible, the girl has impeccable taste and an appreciation for gorgeous black dresses that goes unmatched!

  2. this dress is goooorrrgeous! i can see why you had a hard time letting it go!


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