Friday, February 26, 2010

My Vintage Baby

top 3 images courtesy of Olive Juice


Child's 40s Scottie dog sweater via amywren

Delicate embroidered dress via giggleboss

                                                             Simple lined dress via babytogs 

1940s Gabardine "Stork Dater" Maternity top, via thechurchofvintage

I find it very difficult to buy clothing for my children.  I am very particular about dressing my children like children. I try not to be too anal about it always allowing room for whimsy and expression, I mean I have been known to put them in garrish prints and cookie monster slippers, it is childhood afterall.... BUT a lot of what is out there lack simple design, classic lines and quality.  There is nothing cute or amusing about seeing a tiny infant in an outfit that has lines that were meant for an adult body and you can see how forced and rigid it is, we dress our children as some might dress a trained monkey.  I prefer simple linen and cotton dresses, muted prints, smocking and embroidery.  For babies I favor turn of the century to the 20s gowns,delicate shirts and bonnets, and as they get older and start walking I love 1940s and 50s smocked cotton dresses to match up with mini cardis and cowichans. 

Above I have some lovely modern pieces with classic appeal from Olive Juice , these are some of my favorite pieces(that swimsut KILLS me!).  Also a picture of my little Annabel modelling her very pretty 1960s sundress from last summer and some Etsy picks, including an outstanding 1940s gabardine maternity, you can never start dressing baby too soon!  It's amazing how quickly my children are dressing better than me.

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