Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WARNING: This post may contain graphic images

Graphic and disturbing images that is if you are a piece of technology.  I'm incapable of having meaningful long term relationships with anything electronic. Perhaps it's a reflection of the quality in craftmanship, they just don't make things like they use to and I am sure a digital camera from the 1920s would still be in fantastic working order today.  Or it could just be I'm an abusive beeyatch, I never got a long with technology and technology doesn't get along with me, in fact I did get hit in the face once with a didgital camera(don't ask).

Below is a photo of the latest casualty, and I am glad to report I am not responsible for this one, maybe it's because I have a price limit on things I damage.  My husband is the actually perpetrator in this incident which is unusual because he get's along pretty well with most of the electronics in the house, just to make that point he made it possible for me to be using my laptop right now despite the busted screen by hooking up the old PC monitor to it, very Macgyver of him I know.  But the set up is looking very akin to something you'd see rolling through a trailer park. It's a hoopty laptop.

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  1. oh shiz! i had an issue like this about a year ago (which WAS my fault... don't ever try to transport a laptop on a full basket of laundry!)and $200 later my cheap piece of junk was repaired! we did the old monitor hook up deal for a bit too and our house isn't on wheels either!!


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