Monday, March 8, 2010

What is an Oscar compared to free couture?

So last night was the Oscars, I know a lot of people watched them. I didn't, watching award shows are just not my thing. All I really care about though when it comes to the Oscars and I think this applies to a lot of people is to see is what people are wearing and who won(of course) and I can experience the cliff notes version in 20 min online the day after. Of course the only other thing I care about too is it's a really good reason to get dressed up and throw a party , just like with the Superbowl...I hate football, but love superbowl parties. Give me a reason to plan an event, I'm for it.

So below I have a shot of Vera Farmiga in her Oscar finery, I do believe my Barbie had a dress just like hers, you be the judge:

                                              Vera Farmiga does Marchesa does Barbie

Screw vintage Dior, it's all about vintage Barbie!

Even though everyone get's all decked out for the most part everyone does look the same. The dresses are beautiful but the cuts and silhouettes are pretty much similar, it has been for a few years now as in a very structured ruched bodice w/ flowy bottom. I don't think I heard of one big celebrity wearing vintage except for the jewelry. So my favorite overall look had to have been Cary Mulligan, a combination of the simple black dress with off beat embellishments, the shoes and blonde pixie cut spoke to me in different decades, it really stood out for me.

                                                                   Cary Mulligan in Prada

On a final note what the heck is up with Sarah Jessica Parker's old lady hand? I thought it was a close up of Helen Mirren's jewelry at first. Sort of freaked me out when I saw whose it was. I love you Sarah but get yourself some Borghese gloves.

                                                            Sarah Jessica's old lady hand

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  1. I too loved Carey's look. I wish her hair was textured more or something.

  2. Did you notice the tiny scissors and knives on Cary Mulligan's dress? Brilliant!


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