Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fact (recently past tense)

I have freaky long hair(excuse the bedhead). Completely by accident of course, it's what happens when you get superman busy.  When hair gets this long it starts to influence the way you think, like an inexplicable desire to ride a white horse bareback naked through the streets or trying to track down a pre-raphaelite painter to pose for without conducting a seance to invoke the spirit of John Waterhouse.

But unfortunately my world is not full of white horses (pretty pack full of asses though:)  And there are times the hair makes me want to don really long skirts, wear very sensible shoes and have lots of babies with my husband who I share with three other wives. Not to mention there is also the reoccuring fear of being strangled to death in my sleep by it.

And with all this being said, the conclusion...I had it cut, finally.


  1. lol!
    i know what you mean about the hair - i've had all lengths and it never ceases to amaze me how the length & style (or lack thereof) influences everything from what i wear to what i read. weird.

  2. more like "supermom" busy sister.
    i feel you on this one fer sure.
    my hair has also recently reached metaphysical lengths and i have found myself with the urge to be unbridled, so to speak.
    the man loves it when i let it down at night, but i cannot stand to have it in my face whilst chasing the smalls around.
    sigh... yet another battle of practicality VS. perpetuity.


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