Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea: The Anthropologie Necklace

Anthropologie , the store, the myth, the legend. Seeing how everyone wants what they are selling and with almost everything vintage inspired, but not everyone able to afford it sure makes it easier for me to make a living as most Etsy vintage dealers and  artisans are already selling what they have at a fraction of the cost.

This post I initially intended as a rant, demanding an "anthro-apology" for insulting my good sense by trying to hock THIS necklace onto people for a crazy amount of money, you clicked the link, you saw the price right? In case you forgot your glasses it's $168!!!  If it hasn't occured to you yet what the big deal is, it's because it's a paperclip necklace wrapped in electrical tape PEOPLE!  I'll quote what one poor fool wrote in the review,"Not sure if it was worth the price but it is an interesting necklace." Well duh.

But since Anthropologie is selling something like this it means you can totally get away with giving this as a Christmas gifts to all your Anthropologie loving friends. But since the original version is $168 we will just be making our own. All you need is:

  1. common sense
  2. electrical tape, any color, preferably scotch brand.
  3. paperclips
  4. a clasp of some sort, you can also use ribbon
One episode of Martha and 75 cents worth of materials later this is what ended up with:

And I'm not even crafty. Here is a side by side of the Anthropologie one and mine:

$168  left...75 cents right

Not too shabby, even though when it comes down to it, it is still a paperclip necklace. At least this version won't give you sticker shock and for the cost you could afford to give one to all your friends. And since you will have saved yourself a bundle for your savviness do not forget to reward yourselves by buying yourself something pretty from  here ;)

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  1. Bravo! They're identical...I think it's time to open a new Etsy shop up?


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