Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Doesn't the above shoe remind you of Italian Rainbow Cookies? Recognize the shoe?  Well it ain't Jeffrey Campbell!  The one below however is:

The shoe in the first photograph was originally designed by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938 created for Judy Garland. They are pretty iconic and are a fixture in most fashion history books.  The shoes were reissued in 2010 as a limited edition.  So I was very surprised and excited to see these on as part of Jeffrey Campbell's new line or should I say "new". 

The Jeffrey Campbell version is apropriately titled "Salvatore" and retails for $185.  A pretty penny,  but considering the odds of owning the original 1938 version are the same as finding a vintage Birkin for $2 at the Goodwill, I definitely feel it's something worth snatching up while you have the chance (speaking of which they are already sold out on solestruck!).

Having been born in the 70s and an adolescent during the 90s I have a fondness for chunky shoes, be it Docs or platforms,and the more sculptural the better.  So Jeffrey Campbell has me in a pretty bad state of want with his Ferragamo and 1970s knock-offs.  If I bought any it would be in a shameless attempt to pass them off as vintage.


  1. oh, like something Rainbow Brite would wear if she was super fabulous and funkalicious. Love both pairs!

  2. I am going to be slapped for this, but I prefer the look of the Jeffrey Campbell version. The silver and more subdued colors are more "me." Whether I'd wear either pair or not is moot though--they are completely fabulous, wild shoes! I don't think that, without knowing, I would have ever guessed that those shoes were from 1938.

  3. I would totally rock those JC's! Love them. Ans yes, I did win that "Helen Loves Dick" bracelet. HAahah!

  4. Nothing beats the vintage original. LOL. But either way, these shoes really aren't my cup of tea. Maybe fun for an editorial shoot though.


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