Friday, May 27, 2011

Heirloom Necklaces

Thought I would share a photo (or two) of the necklaces living on top of my dresser right now.  These lovelies are worn quite regularly and are part of my heirloom collection, pieces that my children remember me wearing often and that I will pass down to them one day.  Though I have to say the locket is a rather recent addition and I am still feeling it out as to whether it has what it takes, it may end up in the shop just yet. The bib necklace on the end is Indo-craft, one of my favorite designer brands and unfortunately hardest to find.

This center necklace is actually one of my most favorite pieces next to blue Czech glass necklace. I wear it ALL the time, it is so delicate and easy to wear. It was made from a "tiny" type and other vintage bits by Sarah from  REVAMPED on Etsy.  My customers always ask me where they could buy one, but alas mine has been so far the only one.  She should really make others, I thinks she's onto something w/ those tiny types.

And lastly I had a birthday this past week, thought you may like to see the birthday card Jack made for me.  It was very clever of him to put it on the wall.  Jack makes it very hard for me to be cross with him.


  1. Cutest kid photo ever!! Also, that photo locket is AMAZING. wow, I'd love to own something like that.

  2. Hee hee--love Jack's card! Happy birthday to you. I love the necklacess--particularly the locket and the "tiny type."


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