Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Memory of Lara

Memorial Day I found out Lara of Plaid Pony Vintage had lost her battle with cancer on May 9th.  Such is the nature of online friendships to not find out these things right away.  I am completely dumbstruck and it goes without saying completely saddened.  I just didn't expect it, with her brother having passed not even two years ago I thought the reaper would have no further business with her family at least for awhile and the cancer was just a trial intended to make her stronger for the rest of her life once she overcame it.  Lara was so full of life and energy, I really thought she would beat it.  It's amazing how extremely ones life can change in just a moment, it's amazing how life just stops as easy as that.   Lara you are and will be missed.


  1. Oh how Sad. my thoughts and prayers are with her family. thank you for bringing this to our attention, i had no idea.

  2. Oh, Polly. :( I had no idea. I did not know Lara well, but was very aware of her cool shop, and I remembered her posting about her brother and his sneaker collection. This is so sad.


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