Friday, January 29, 2010

Office Romances

I've had a pretty good week getting my photo stash nice and fat, usually I struggle with this and I find myself always scrambling to get my shop updates in daily because usually half the photos I took had to be scrapped and as a result more photos have to be taken.  This week despite the lighting conditions, I have a decent useable amount.  But of course there is always a new problem waiting to take the old problems place, and so of course this week a new obstacle developed to hinder my shop updates...ME! I definitely did not see that coming.  

Usually once an item reaches Betty(my dressform) it's on the fasttrack to getting listed, I'm not one to hesitate especially if an item does not fit me.  But there was one piece that started all this indecisiveness, clouding my judgement and screwing with my focus(maybe I'm pre-menstrual?), a dress that does not fit but has come to represent the last of my collection from my New York days, to me the dress is a link to those memories and experiences.  And with that dress, like a kid who won't share, every other piece that went on Betty became a case of of  the "Do I really want to sell that?'s"  Oy.

Here a few of my hold ups:

The Manhattan Dress(which doesn't even fit)

This back makes my heart race!

Sweet 1930s dress

Usually not my thing, but it's pretty wonderful.

                                           Does not display well, but definitely a keeper!

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