Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Getaway

                                                            Astoria Park

                                                                                  This is what complete bliss looks like

  Jones Beach(bayside)

                                                             Annabel was going for Jackie-o but instead got Elton John

Socrates Sculpture Garden


in the installation

mmm, kefir shake

                                                                    my oldest, kefir smoothie burns coming out the nose

Some shots from my recent trip to New York, did as much as you can with two two-year olds in tow, record breaking heat and no help....well there was my oldest but it's a bit too much responsibility(and just plain stupid) to expect a 13yr old to be responsible for a toddler on a subway platform.

So it ended up being more or less a practice vacation, we didn't go crazy with activities, saw family, saw friends, shopped, bought some vintage(of course) despite my old haunts being completely void of treasures>:(  And despite my protests humored my father and went with him to the beach,  I live by lakes, bays and the ocean, last thing I'm going to go to NYC for is the beach(read eeew), but it made him happy and I am glutton for punishment.  Already have plans to go back for an extended stay before summer's end sans babies this time. 

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