Monday, October 11, 2010

Saddle Shoe Baby

Annabel had quite a vintagey weekend.  I'm totally loving saddle shoes right now on her, they go with everything.  So glad she grew into them in time for the season and she loves them, have to fight her to take them off. 

Lovely high quality leather shoe w/ stiff sole from the 1950s, so classic and I'm thoroughly addicted to the look.  I'm already on the hunt to track down as many of the sizes she will need to come to keep her perpetually in saddles shoes.

1950s Saddle Shoes~ Thrifted
1950s Yellow Linen Dress~ Gift
1960s Forget Me Not Dress/Top ~ Thrifted
Green Shorts~ Old Navy

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  1. They are SO cute, especially on little ones. My mom, I think, tried your plan, and kept me in the saddle shoes until I refused to wear them. I remember her telling me how cute they were, but I refused to listen!

  2. I love saddle shoes! Your daughter is just lovely!


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