Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Old House

Above are pictures of some of my home projects that have been keeping me very occupied.  Sorry about the blurry shots, but really I have no time for focusing.  In about 4 weeks my BOME (building/home) will be participating in the Bridgeton City House Tour.  Not to mention it is also the busy season for The Church of Vintage, juggling the two plus babies I may have to to sleep the entire month of Janaury to recovery once the holidays pass. 

So if it seems I've gone quiet in my usual online haunts, it's most likely I'm knee deep in saw dust and joint compound with a dash of vintage clothing and toddler hijinks thrown into the mix.  Of course anyone who wants to try their hand at sanding stairs is more than welcome to come over.


  1. oh dear lord that stairway, amazing!!!

  2. wowowow! agree with the other posters: your staircase is incredible!

  3. Wow, gorgeous! I'm kind of drooling over that stairway and arched door frame. I'm also in awe of your go-getterness.


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