Monday, July 12, 2010

Auctions and Vintage

Some of my spoils from an auction over the weekend.  I have a love hate of auctions.  LOVE what I can find and the prices, HATE everything else.... like crowds, spending all day waiting for the items to come up, how fast the auctioneers rattle back and forth numbers, what up wit dat?  does it truelly save time or do they just do it because it's tradition?  And I hate the uncertainty that after all that you invested you still may go home empty handed.

I forgot to also mention what a complete tool the compettitive air turns me into. It's not pretty or very lady like...think Howard Stern and Sam Kinison wrapped into one;) I am no longer present, my doppleganger takes over.

Luckily this weekend I had a headache(yeah lucky, ha!) and the husband went for me.  He was able to get for me everything on my list and two additional pieces I hadn't even spotted previously.  I think he did pretty well, no?  I adore the grey victorian jacket and the colorful 1930s georgette dress, but the jacket is still wearable and can totally be incorporated into a modern wardrobe, so it has me giddy like a vintage virgin. 

I'm pretty sure everything is destined for the shop and should start appearing this week.

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