Monday, July 26, 2010

New Friends, Heat and a Mighty Wind

Started off the weekend meeting a fellow vintage monger, Elizabeth from the Etsy shop The Vintage Mistress .  She has impeccable taste and did I mention flawless skin?  It was her last weekend in town so I took her around to some shops I tend to visit.  Wasn't sure how I was going to handle shopping with possible competition or how I would've behaved let's say in an instance where she stumbles upon a 1950s Dior dress only 30 seconds before me.  But I am amazed to say the experience did not at all put me in a crazed terratorial predatory state, then again vintage Dior(or Chanel) had not been found that day so it remains to be seen what the future may expose ;) It was a great time and it was a shame we didn't have more time.

The rest of the weekend spent desperately trying to stay cool as we had another heat wave come through.  The house was too hot to stay in so we migrated to the shoreline. 

"A" is for Annabel

Beach Baby

And of course Jack, there is nothing to say here.  The poor boy is touched:

                                                                   Zombie Beach Baby

He's gone reptilian on me.

And of course you can't end a weekend without a good Tornado:

5 power lines in a row snapped like toothpicks.

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