Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I had to stitch up my husband this evening.  As you can most probably tell there was an incident last night.  I had put out a few pieces of vintage I was planning to photograph including a pair of vintage clogs. 

Well the husband decided to pick a fight with the damn clogs and yes the shoes won, do I dare say it, he got "cloggered".  Managed to trip on one and his face somehow ended on the other, resulting in an injury that will most likely scar ala Tina Fey/ Harrison Ford. 

 Watching the way he fell was very surreal, enough so that my first reaction wasn't for his welfare but for the shoes, THE SHOES!!  Because only Loony Tune characters fall that way, no one in REAL life falls that way.....well obviously I was wrong because grown men really do fall like Elmer Fudd.   Maybe this is where I should start saying how terribly bad I feel so I can stop sounding sociopathic.....I feel really bad.    Well maybe now he will take me seriously when I say this business will put me in an early grave.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't get a photo before the bandages, the hubby wasn't too thrilled as it is when I snapped off a couple of shots a few minutes ago while he was trying to sleep, so I can imagine taking photos of his bloody gash for the blog a big no-no.  If it's any consolation to him, even though in this round of Man .vs.Vintage  he might have lost, he did put up of a heck of fight rendering the clogs unsellable. 

They are rather menacing aren't they? 


  1. wow talk about when vintage goes bad! better sell those shoes before he sees them again...

  2. i can't decide whether to feel sorry for him or laugh, so i suppose you have accomplished your goal with this post. ;)

  3. oh no! are the clogs ruined? i mean, is your husband okay?! ;)


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