Friday, August 13, 2010

A Night with the Stars Party

Last night was the Perseids meteor shower, happens every August.   I like to think of it as a great excuse to gather up your friends and have a party, or the perfect setting to get someone you like to lay down on the ground next to you in the dark.  With stars shooting across the heavens above and a little alcohol who knows what will be instigated;)   I mean that is how the ice was FINALLY broken with then future husband, it layed the groundwork for our first kiss and subsequent 12 hour make-out session the next day:)   So yeah, meteor showers are worth celebrating.

Since you really shouldn't head out to neck...COUGH....I mean watch the Perseids until at least midnight, you can get warmed up by watching some stars at home on TCM, with their Summer Under the Stars  yearly event which also is every August, how perfectly aligned for a Night with the Stars themed Party.  Every day of August they will  showcase a different star and play their movies all day long, I've got a few days already marked off for recording (Hello, Olivia De Havilland!). 

Of course you would have to get dressed up so I think the only right choices would be 1930s Starlet or Grecian-Roman Goddess, considering all the mythology that you'll be staring into by the end of the evening.  Here are some of my favorite choices:

Goddess Dress via jackiedretroboutique

Starlet Dress via Saffron Vintage


  1. whoa..excellent choices!!!! i'm drooling over the red one!


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