Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

Pencil Skirt

Blackboard Dress

Here is the latest window installations for the store, took awhile to change them out due to the great reception my Earth Day windows received.  But I figured it's right before the start of a new season so the windows deserved a change.

Thankfully I managed to derive some last minute inspiration from the school supplies being currently pimped out everywhere and even better as a result they are currently super cheap, otherwise the Earth Day windows may have had to stay put another month.  I've never been good at the whole conceptual thing, so the windows are quite literal in their representation of "Back to School"  with the use of pencils, blackboard paint and books(TONS OF BOOKS!)

Let me just say, folding books could definitely be implemented as a form punishment in our prison systems.  I would definitely not want to do it again, on this level anyway and have learned that threat of folding books is a very effective tool at getting your snotty teenager to behave.  And before you jump all over me for "destroying" books, well....they're not destroyed, just folded....and SECONDLY they are crappy romance novels so who gives a flying turd anyway:)

And the blackboard dress in case you are wondering also is vintage and yes I did paint it in blackboard paint.  No need to get upset, the dress was beyond damaged and now it is useful again and actually wearable, great for parties! Let your friends write on you and then erase it afterwards, you can play Pictionary wherever you go!


  1. Both of those windows are amazing! You deserve some kind of reward! They look better than anthropology's...maybe they should hire you as a consultant!

  2. That window is pretty damn ah-mazing!
    Very cool!

  3. Amazing!

    I had no idea what you were talking about with the "folding books" but then I clicked to enlarge one of the pencil skirt photos--that 3-D effect on the wall is all books?!? Very well done!

  4. your displays are so clever...and cute!


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