Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dining Room Or Just Another Closet

I love seeing behind the scenes of fellow Etsy seller's workspaces, it's like the rough draft of the actual store, a before and after if you will. I can look at those types of photos all day, especially when there is vintage in them.

 So the other day I was inspired to share a photo of my dining room(or lack there of) after Lauren of Dear Golden  posted this photo of hers a few days ago on Twitter. Note how there is a dining room table visible in her photo, actually note how a table is actually IN the space, before looking at mine.  I am in compete awe of people who actually have dining rooms they can dine in.

The room in the photo is my stock room aka the vault aka vintage abyss aka the visual representation of a mental disorder.  OR what is was suppose to be the dining room.  There is still some deluded hope though that it may still one day be the dining room.  Of course the reality is vintage multiplies like rabbits. 

The room is very long and narrow (and FULL) so it's pretty much impossible to get a full shot of the room. Enjoy and mental health referrals are greatly appreciated.

wall to ceiling rack are very necessary

The wall of purses

Vintage Labrynth


  1. holy. shit.

    there are no words.
    can i come over? shit!

  2. i think i can pick an outift out for each day, for the next 5 years!

  3. I'm camping out at your house. And you can rest assured that if my house had a dining room it would look pretty much the same. We have 550 sq ft of space over our garage that needs to be finished out, but would be wonderful to move into. My husband still needs some convincing.

  4. Like whoa. Your friends must love it when they come over to your place?

  5. I LOVE your purses on the wall idea, I used to have dresses on the wall at my other apartment! Fabulous, Miss Polly, just FABULOUS! :)

  6. Are you protected by ADT?.. should be from ALL of us!!!:):)

  7. omg. The wall of purse is amazing!! It is like my Disney Land! weeeeeee!!!!!! ;)

  8. WOW! I don't have any words to describe how i feel. It's crazy!


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