Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fire Hazard

This was the scene at my store on Monday. We had to call the fire department in because of a white odorless smoke spewing out of the building.  Actually it looked like it was coming out of the corner of my window know it did go through my head as I installed all those pencils and books into the display (just two days earlier) how it would make great kindling. 

So the FD came, closed off the entire block and street, creating a scene in general.  Three fire trucks too, I do think they were overreacting just a bit;) 

 Everyone had to evacuate the building. Thankfully for once I was appropriately dressed for the situation, not in my usual men's briefs and a tank top sans bra, which is my "it's too hot for clothes but since there are children in the house I can't go naked" uniform, unfortunately the twins had been napping and were only wearing nappies so they had to go out into public with diaper butts. Better them than me, right?

The firemen poured into my building like a flood, set up ladders and proceeded with an axe to hack into the space above my my windows, pulled down part of the fake ceiling  inside my displays, YES they were inside my display windows, son of bitch!  To ultimately conclude that the white smoke was freon leaking from the AC because the AC is overheating. 

Ultimately I'm fine with all the trouble, because better safe than sorry.  The AC was on the verge of being a fire hazard, I'm glad we caught it before it caused a real fire.  So the store is temporarily closed as we repair the damage and seek out  a replacement AC unit, which is proving practically impossible in August as all the stores in the area have transitioned them out with electric fireplaces in preparation for fall.


  1. Hope all gets better soon! I love those displays!

  2. WOW! Thank goodness you caught it in time..>I cant even imagine how much of a loss it would have been if it happened in the middle of the night..yikes!
    Sucks that they messed up the window displays, but at least you got some great pics of them for proof! :)

  3. What size do you need? I'll send you one.

  4. Pheww! that a.) everything turned out OK and b.) that you weren't naked when the fire squard arrived!

  5. oh man! glad everything turned out ok.

  6. Oh god. I am so glad it wasn't worse. Hope everything is fixed and operating again as normally soon.

  7. So glad it wasn't anything serious! wow..scary.
    However...nothing wrong with a little fireman "eye candy" *wink wink* ;)
    Hope you get everything fixed soon!


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